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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP aims to identify specific behavioral patterns, understand why and how they emerge, and develop targeted models and solutions to address them. Thanks to this strategy, countless people have been able to improve their lives.

It is the brainchild of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who themselves were building
upon the works of legendary psychotherapists like Milton Erickson. Introduced to the world in the 1970s, NLP is a
personal development technique that assists people so they can truly excel at the things they are passionate about. By adopting this new practice, people are able to achieve their dreams more easily. You can accomplish whatever goals you have for yourself, whether personal, professional, relational, or more.

How Our NLP Course Will Transform You

No matter who we are, we all have the innate potential to attain whatever we desire. However, we need to direct our capabilities strategically to realize it. Our NLP course lets you learn how to achieve your objectives by completely transforming yourself. NLP’s extraordinary results speak for themselves, which is why countless therapists, managers, leaders, communication experts, and educators have incorporated it into their praxis. These professions are uniquely compatible with NLP since it allows people to better understand and communicate with others around them.

Unlocking Seamless Communication With NLP

Communication is not just limited to humans. It is about how you interact and engage with your environment, giving and receiving information. In other words, you communicate with everything and everyone around you. After all, even not communicating is a form of interaction.

Unfortunately, many people’s personal communication model relies on only two responses –
fight or flight. They either avoid any conversation they believe might be negative, or they confront others to defend their ideas. In either case, there is no constructive, positive interaction.

NLP helps people develop productive means of communication that do not rely upon the fight or flight models. This extends to not only how you interact with others but also how you communicate with yourself. Indeed, thanks to NLP, you will learn new things about yourself. You will be able to process your emotions better, recognizing what motivates them, what affects them negatively and positively, and how you can regulate them. As a result, you will be able to fine-tune them, so they lead you towards success.

Becoming aware of what makes us feel happy, sad, angry, uncomfortable, excited, and relaxed is important. It allows us to navigate the world and the people around us better. This is because when we know our emotional needs, we can communicate them to people around us – verbally and non-verbally. Consequently, you will be able to forge more productive relationships with your colleagues, business partners, friends, and loved ones.

Reap The Advantages Of Our NLP Course

With our qualified trainers by your side, you will improve your personal and professional relationships by:

  • Clearly set objectives, identify your motivations and develop a plan to reach your goals
  • Use the “Circle of Excellence” to enhance your personal and professional performance
  • Perfect your observation skills to know what people around you are thinking and feeling
  • Understand all of your emotions and ensure they are always in the state you want them to be
  • Be an active participant in your life by being proactive instead of reactive

We have designed specialized modules that will teach you NLP coaching techniques so you implement them in your own life
and help others do the same. Indeed, becoming an NLP coach and helping others is a dream job for many.

Why Should You Become A Certified NLP Trainer With Us?

Our NLP training course is available to everyone, regardless of their profession or educational qualifications. We will teach you everything you need to know from scratch. Becoming an NLP coach is ideal for someone who wishes to manifest their potential and overcome any and all barriers restricting them. It is a particularly useful tool for people who want a fresh change of pace in their lives and to embark on something new and exciting. NLP certification is ideal for anyone who wants to reimagine their professional skills, business relationships, and personal life.

Best of all, you do not need to worry about our training schedule clashing with your schedule. Our courses are flexible and accessible, so you can learn at your own pace – whenever you have the time.

Once you have registered with our training program, you will have access to many features:

  • You will have immediate and limitless access to all ten of our modules
  • All modules feature downloadable PDFs, including in an audio format
  • We emphasize both theory and praxis in our training course, which is why we incorporate several exercises and
    activities to ensure you fully grasp important concepts
  • We have a quiz at the end of each module to validate your progress
  • Your membership will also grant you access to a forum where you can interact with other students and trainers,
    getting answers to any questions and the perspective of other NLP practitioners
  • When you feel you are ready, you can take our final exam. As long as you get 80% of the answers correct, you
    will automatically obtain your own certification. However, if you fail, you need not worry. You can retake the
    exam at no cost

What Comes After?

With our NLP certification in hand, you will be ready to fulfill all your dreams. Everything in our course is 100% applicable in your personal and professional life. Thanks to the new skills you will have obtained, you will be able to enhance your performance at work and become highly specialized. If you are involved in sales or business deals, these skills will be extremely helpful. Moreover, you will also be able to improve your personal and domestic life by cultivating more meaningful relationships with your loved ones.

You could also adopt an altogether new career path. You can become a personal development coach or therapist with an NLP certification. Needless to say, training to become an NLP practitioner can create countless opportunities for you.

Our NLP Course Is Affordable And Accessible

We firmly believe in the right to education and strive to provide all of our clients with the tools and learning they
need. We know that many debilitating reasons prevent people from enhancing their present skill set, such as:

  • People did not have enough time to study, or their daily schedule was inflexible
  • Commuting challenges because the course is offered somewhere far away
  • Steep, prohibitive prices are unfortunately common

We believe that NLP skills, which allow people to cultivate their personal and professional abilities, should be shared with as many people as possible.
This is why we are giving you the opportunity to learn this entire course and have access to all modules for as little as $97
Plus, we also promise a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have a chance to go through a few modules and see how you feel about it//them??.

Transforming Your Life Today!

  • NLP Certification
  • Complete online training that is accessible
  • Certified by renowned accreditation bodies
  • Access to PDFs and audio modules
  • Limitless, lifetime access
  • Study at your own pace
  • Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Membership of a private forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Detailed Course Content

Click to read more about what each module will cover:

The first module introduces you to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and explains its guiding principles. In this module, you will learn:

  • What NLP is and its fundamental concepts.
  • The history of NLP and how it was created.
  • The power of language and its ability to influence our perceptions of the world.
  • How to listen beyond the words being spoken to understand others at a deeper level.
  • Building trust, understanding, and symbiosis with others through NLP techniques.
  • Developing an independent view of the world using NLP skills.
  • Overcoming mental barriers in others to make a positive impact.
  • Enhancing communication skills to be heard and respected by others.

In this module, you will explore how people interact with various mental and emotional states. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding and utilizing anchors to positively impact your life.
  • Interpreting the true meanings behind people’s words and body language.
  • Reading people’s eyes to gain insight into their thoughts and emotions.
  • Regulating your mind to achieve specific emotional states.
  • Avoiding negative thoughts and emotions through NLP techniques.

This module will explore what compels people and what drives them. You will also study how they learn. Therefore, you will discover:

  • How to adopt lasting changes in your life.
  • What are meta-programs, and how do they influence your goals in life.
  • Why do some people give up on their dreams, and how could you avoid the same fate.
  • How to identify and define the obstacles to your transformational process.
  • The four stages of your learning process, and how you pass through them to learn a new skill.

Here, we will introduce you to the mental tools that will help you match your outside reality with your mind. We will explore:

  • Why breaking a bad or unproductive old habit is difficult.
  • How we unknowingly see the world a certain way so the world fits our vision of it and we are not pushed out of our comfort zones.
  • Recognize how our mind categorizes data, to our benefit as well as our detriment.
  • Identifying how the “someday maybe” syndrome keeps people stuck, living purposeless lives.
  • Swift and easy methods to enter a positive emotional state.
  • Simply refocusing on something positive and important would change your emotions for the better.

Module 5 explains the learning process and how you should set professional goals. Hence, we will teach you:

  • Using the 4MAT learning model.
  • Use the meta-model’s five key questions to establish clear targets for yourself.
  • How to identify your mental blocks.
  • Exploring the system that enables you to fulfill your dreams.
  • Knowing the processes that will help you know when your goal is within reach.
  • Discovering your “WHY” to forge a better, purposeful life.

We will study the mental tools we use to reach decisions by looking into our brain’s faculties. The module will highlight:

  • What are the internal processes whereby all behavior and choices are governed.
  • Examining the internal conflict that has kept you from achieving your goals in life.
  • Modifying your expectations of happiness, success, and satisfaction, so you get to experience the best emotions.
  • How the deep recesses of your mind sometimes instinctively reject what you want to do.
  • Techniques that will help you have more fulfilling conversations.
  • Reimagining failure as positive feedback.
  • Helpful suggestions to become the best at what you do.

Module 7 is important since it explains how our beliefs are shaped by our experiences. It seeks to help you cultivate independent thought and an ability to obtain reliable information for making decisions. In it, we will take you through:

  • How our deepest thoughts manifest in our behaviors.
  • How we unconsciously acquired most of our beliefs.
  • How society, culture, and history condition us to mindlessly hold certain things as given facts.
  • How we sometimes interpret random events to reach incorrect conclusions.
  • Trust, as it is commonly understood, remains a myth.
  • Choices from years ago continuously affect your life – positively and negatively.
  • Alternative methods to observe the world around you to reach better conclusions.
  • The learning trance so you can absorb data faster, more easily, and more efficiently.

Here, we will learn the value of coaching and how it can help people accomplish all their personal goals. To that end, we will teach you:

  • Why getting assistance from high-quality external resources can be very effective.
  • Identify the perfect coach to hire for yourself so you can also achieve your dreams.
  • What coaching entails, and how you should choose one to achieve your personal objectives.
  • Understand what a coaching relationship is.
  • Why it is not easy to deliver results responsibly.
  • Why learning from a coach is like learning from several wise people.
  • Why “being in the moment” is vital.

Module 9 will take you through:

  • NLP certification’s ability to help others also make positive changes in their lives.
  • Building your coaching practice while prioritizing your clients’ needs.
  • Listening to people so you can identify what their deepest needs are.
  • How to present yourself professionally.
  • De-escalating conflict and diffusing emotionally charged situations.
  • Taking the initiative to embrace new possibilities and perspectives.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining a fair balance.
  • Tips for becoming a good coach.

This is the last module. In it, we will learn:

  • How to become a practitioner from an apprentice.
  • How to actualize your new reality.
  • What ecology means to NLP and how to establish ecology goals.
  • How to know what is stopping you from becoming the person you want to be.
  • How NLP can create profound and impactful change.
  • Final suggestions, so you get the maximum benefit of this training.


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What others are saying

Shonda B.

This program was life-changing for me. I just happened to get it because I was
dealing with a lot of personal challenges in my life. And this was eye-opening for me! I decided to become a
personal coach afterward and open my own practice. I’m now married with a baby on the way and very well-settled.
Thank you, Holisticourses!

Mathew J.

I’m always up for improving my resume, and getting an NLP certification has been
great for my teaching career. I can not only interact and teach my students better, but I’m also able to counsel
them. I even noticed an improvement in my relationship with my colleagues. I really recommend it.

Christina T.

I wanted to get an NLP certification to supplement my practice as a therapist. So I
looked for the best possible online platform for it since I could not take in-person classes. Ultimately, I
chose Holisticourses, which is a decision I don’t regret! Becoming an NLP coach has been great! I get to help
countless people transform their lives and achieve incredible things on the regular.

Internationally accredited Courses

Our Ayurveda practitioner course is accredited by the leading institutes of The Complementary Medical Association (CMA), Centre of CPD Excellence, and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). The course is created by specialists who love Ayurveda and want to share their knowledge with others. Our practical exercises and theoretical concepts will undoubtedly help you achieve your professional and personal goals.


Transforming Your Life Today!

  • NLP Certification
  • Complete online training that is accessible
  • Certified by renowned accreditation bodies
  • Access to PDFs and audio modules
  • Limitless, lifetime access
  • Study at your own pace
  • Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Membership of a private forum
  • 30-day money-back guarantee